Lemon Rosemary Chicken

Grilled chicken with lemon juice, butter, and rosemary

July 04, 2022 23:25

First solo ride is the season

Went by myself today

March 16, 2022 17:05

Ride two of the season

March 15, 2022 17:23

First ride of the season

First ride of the season

March 14, 2022 20:47

Lincoln memorial

Lincoln memorial

November 18, 2021 14:43

Soaring above the yard

A red tail hawk soaring above the yard

March 08, 2020 17:54

Snow Coyote

A coyote with snow on It’s face looking at the camera.

February 09, 2020 02:12

Deers lookin at cha

A deer with its tail up looking at the camera.

February 02, 2020 21:18

First snow of 2019

New fallen snow on trees

November 12, 2019 15:19

A Monarch Butterfly Resting on a Flower

A monarch butterfly resting on a flower

September 09, 2019 22:05

September Sunset as a storm approaches

September Sunset as a storm approaches

September 03, 2019 13:04

Blue Heron on the Hunt IV

Blue Heron enjoying it's breakfast

September 02, 2019 00:34

Blue Heron on the Hunt III

Blue Heron caught it's breakfast

August 30, 2019 14:57

Blue Heron on the Hunt II

A Blue Heron catching its breakfast

July 30, 2019 22:49

Blue Heron on the Hunt I

A Blue Heron poised to catch it's breakfast

July 12, 2019 22:06

July Moon

A photo of the half moon in July of 2019

July 09, 2019 03:57

Google's Distance Matrix Service & Using Zip Codes

Using zip codes and Google's Distance Matrix Service to get the distance between them.
June 23, 2019 18:33

Blue Heron in Lily Pads

A Blue Heron in lily pads

June 22, 2019 17:37

Blue heron and Canada goose

A Blue heron and a Canada goose

June 11, 2019 13:03

Early June Moon

New moon setting

June 06, 2019 01:39

Sandhill crane close up

A close up photo of a Sandhill crane

May 31, 2019 13:51

Rain is Approaching

a panoramic photo of a tree line with rain approaching

May 30, 2019 20:20

Great Egret

A Great Egret Standing in water looking for food.

April 04, 2019 16:26

Starting a new day

A dramatic sunrise with deep reds

April 02, 2019 17:53

Sun setting on the tracks

A sun setting on some train tracks

March 26, 2019 02:37

Two Deer on the Edge of the Woods

A photograph of two deer standing on the edge of the woods

March 24, 2019 21:45